Tie Essentials Facial Toner Spritz

Facial Toner Spritz provides instant hydration for your face while rejuvenating the skin, helping to create a more vibrant and radiant feel and look for your skin. This face tone will restore your skin's pH balance and absorb excess oils (without causing dryness). *Tie Essentials facial Toner is suitable for ALL skin types*

  • 100% pure, organic and facial toner made by hand. 
  • Softens and replenishes moisture in your face, as well as tightening pores 
  • Contains natural anti-inflammatory properties to reduce redness and skin irritation 

How to use: Cleanse skin with Tie Essentials Face cleaning wash and apply Ties Essential Facial Toner spray over face area. Use this before applying one of Ties Essential 100% natural face moisturizer

Ingredients: 100% Organic Rose water & Witch Hazel extract infused with organic Rose Flowers and Lavender Flowers