• Shea Butter Is Your Skin Best Friend

    Shea Butter Is Your Skin Best Friend

    Pure Organic Raw Shea Butter is an all-natural vitamin A cream. Shea butter has shown to be a excellent moisturizer with effective healing properties.  Some of my favorite uses for Shea Butter By itself for face and body as a natural moisturizer A stretch mark salve to ward off stretch marks As the best under-eye wrinkle remover and bag-reducer For massage butter As a natural baby-care product (alone) or ingredient in baby care  By itself on the lips balms To improve skin elasticity (some even say it helps with cellulite) On the hair or scalp After sun or beach exposure to replenish skin As...

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  • Tie's Five Essential Herbs to Treat Autoimmune

    Tie's Five Essential Herbs to Treat Autoimmune

    The weather is starting to change over from summer to fall; with that being said our bodies need a extra boost and or kick to maintain a healthy immune system. I have introduced Five Essential Herbs to Treat Autoimmune. Sarsaparilla Yarrow Yucca plant extract Chlorella or spirulina Green tea Sarsaparilla and Yarrow are commonly thought to treat autoimmune symptoms by purifying the blood and reducing joint and muscle inflammation.  Sarsaparilla has been used all over the world as a folk remedy for gout, arthritis, fevers, digestive disorders, psoriasis and other skin diseases.  Yarrow also displays antiviral properties. Yucca plant extract...

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